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Welcome To The Release Department

The Release Department was established by timeshare professionals to assist in determining the best path for an efficient and effective separation from your timeshare obligation.

We Are Here To Help

With decades of experience, you can count on the Release Department to ensure your path to timeshare freedom is the path of least resistance


The Release Department will provide accurate, reliable, and relevant information to clients while maintaining a respectful demeanor. We are committed to adhering to ethical guidelines in our interactions. Additionally, we continuously update our knowledge base and communicate with our network partners to ensure the information we provide is up-to-date and reliable.


As the saying goes, "It's not always what you know, ,but who you know". This stands true when it comes to vacation travel . With over 100 developers and management companies and over 4000 resorts, things change quickly. And having the right contacts helps keep us up to speed on the day to day changes that affect our business and make us a leader in our industry.


We will keep you informed throughout the process. Any material status changes will be relayed to you as soon as we have that relevant information.


With over 120 years of industry experience, our management team has the knowledge to make certain every transfer is handled efficiently.


The proof is in the pudding. Our partners has cumulatively completed over 25,000 exits and transfers. You can rest assured you will be on the list.


All Exits Are Not Equal

There are over 4000 timeshares worldwide managed by over 100 developers, HOAs and management companies. All have different rules, regulations and expectations. The Release Department understands the mechanics of each and will examine each option to make certain you are positioned for the easiest pathway to a successful exit. 


Network Partners

To provide the best service, you must surround yourself with the best partners. The Release Department vets every network partner to make sure they meet our strict qualifications long before we make introductions to our clients. Length of time in business, client review and industry reputation are just some of the things taken into consideration before we consider any company for a network partnership.

Expert Guidance

Release Dept.’s commitment to accurate and updated information truly sets them apart. Grateful for their guidance in my exit journey.

Juliette R.



The Release Dept. made exiting our timeshare a breeze. Their knowledge and action steps saved us valuable time.

Mellisa & Shaquille J.

Mizner Place

Exit Strategists

With Release Dept., I was not just a client but part of their network. They knew every option to ensure my exit was hassle-free.

Emma G.


A Great Experience

Release Dept.’s expansive network and 4000+ resort connections are unbeatable. Proud to be associated with their pioneering efforts.

Angela C.

Wyndham Owner

Exit Trailblazers

Release Dept.’s respect, reliability, and connections make them industry leaders. Their who-you-know approach made my exit a success.

Jim & Nancy R.

Former Festiva Owner